David Jewell

Laboratory Manager

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LSC 003A
HB 6044
Ph.D. Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, University of Florida,Gainesville
B.S. Chemistry, University of Western Ontario, London Ontario, Canada

Selected publications

Andrew A.S., Jewell D.A., Mason R.A, Whitfield M.L., Moore J.H., Karagas M.R., Drinking-water arsenic exposure modulates gene expression in human lymphocytes from a U.S. population. Environ Health Perspect. 116(4):524-31. (2008)

Dharmasena MN, Jewell DA, Taylor RK., Development of peptide mimics of a protective epitope of Vibrio cholerae Ogawa O-antigen and investigation of the structural basis of peptide mimicry. J Biol Chem. (2007) 282(46), 33805–33816

Gaur, A.B., Jewell, D.A., Liang, Y., Ridzon, D., Moore, J.H., Chen, C., Ambros, V. and Israel, M.A., Characterization of microRNA expression levels and their biological correlates in human cancer cell lines. Cancer Research 15;67(6):2456-68. (2007)

Ambros, V, Lee, R.C., Lavanway, A., Williams, P.T., Jewell, D.A., MicroRNAs and other tiny endogenous RNAs in C. elegans. Current Biology 13(10):807-18. (2003)

Jewell, D.A., and Wilson, I.A. Structure and function of MHC class I and class II antigens. In: Molecular Immunology: Frontiers in Molecular Biology, Second Edition. B.D.Hames and D.M. Glover, Eds., Oxford University Press, Oxford, U.K., 189-211. (1996)

Lewicki, H., Tishon, A., Borrow, P., Evans, C.F., Gairin, J.E., Hahn, K.M., Jewell, D.A., Wilson, I.A., Oldstone, M.B. CTL escape viral variants. I. Generation and molecular characterization. Virology 210(1):29-40 (1995)

Jewell, D.A., Swietnicki, W., Dunn, B.M., Malcolm, B.A. Hepatitis A virus 3C proteinase substrate specificity. Biochemistry 31(34): 7862-9 (1992)

Jewell, D.A., Tu, C.K., Paranawithana, S.R., Tanhauser, S.M., LoGrasso, P.V., Laipis, P.J., Silverman, D.N. Enhancement of the catalytic properties of human carbonic anhydrase III by site- directed mutagenesis. Biochemistry 30(6):1484-90 (1991)