Peter Winkler

Professor of Mathematics
Professor of Computer Science
William Morrill Professor

Computer Science
B.A. Harvard
Ph.D. Yale

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Selected Publications

Paterson, M, Y Peres, M Thorup, P Winkler and U Zwick,Maximum Overhang,American Mathematical Monthly 116:9 (2009), 763787.

Brightwell, G and P Winkler,Submodular Percolation,SIAM J. Discrete Math. 23:3 (2009), 1149-1178.

Alon, N, G Brightwell, H A Kierstead, A V Kostochka, P Winkler, “Dominating Sets in k-Majority Tournaments,” Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series B , 96:3 (May 2006) 374-387.

Bowen, L, R Lyons, C Radin and P. Winkler, “Fluid-Solid Transition in a Hard-Core System,” Physical Review Letters , 96 (2006) 025701.

Randall, D and P Winkler, “Mixing Points in a Circle,” Approximation, Randomization and Combinatorial Optimization in Lecture Notes in Computer Science , 3624 (2005) 426-435.

Brightwell, G and P Winkler, “Note on Counting Eulerian Circuits,” Proceedings of the 7th ALENEXand2nd ANALCO 2005 , ALENEX/ANALCO 2005 Vancouver, BC, C Demetrescu, R Sedgewick and R Tamassia (eds.), (2005) 259-262.

Proof of the Squashed Cube Conjecture,Combinatorica 3:1 (1983), 135-139.

Works in Progress

Coupling to avoid collision; pursuit games and Kakeya sets; moving vs fixed targets for random walk; the phase transition for dyadic tiling; luck vs skill in games; dynamic resource fragmentation; impeding forgers at photo inception. NSF Grant: New Directions for Random Walk.