Here is some advice to students as they sign up for the CS major, modified major, or minor.


Major/Minor Advising Hours

If you have any other questions or simply want face-to-face advice, you can talk to Professor Prasad Jayanti during his CS major/minor open advising hours.

Professor Prasad Jayanti's CS major/minor open advising hours for Summer 2017 are:

4.30-5.00pm on Tuesdays in 224 Sudikoff, starting July 11 until August 22.



CS 1 and CS 10 are prerequisites to the CS major and minor.  Unless you are formally placed out of these prerequisites by the CS department, you must complete these courses even if you believe that you know the material. Take CS 1 and CS 10 early in your pursuit of the major or minor.



We advise that you do not leave specialized requirements until the final term. For example, the CS major requires two courses numbered 70 to 89. If you leave one of these courses to your Spring term and fail this course then even if you completed more courses than required in other tracks, you will not be awarded the major. This situation has happened before, so please plan your schedule carefully, leaving room to cope with unforeseen situations.



The department's teaching schedule for an academic year is typically not fully determined until late in the previous academic year. Take this uncertainty into account as you plan your course schedule.



When approving a major, modified major, or minor, the CS Department's undergraduate adviser strictly enforces the course requirements as laid out in the ORC.  If a student has an exceptional situation and wishes to request a relaxation (e.g., substituting one course for another), then the student must formally petition the department, clearly explaining the rationale for the request. The student's petition will be decided on by the CS undergraduate adviser, possibly in consultation with the Department Chair or the faculty.  Students should be aware that the faculty do not generally support substitutions or relaxing the requirements.



Many students have reported that certain courses—CS 31 and CS 50—are helpful for internship and job interviews. You may find it useful, therefore, to take these courses as soon as possible. More generally, you might find it useful to talk to other CS majors and minors to learn from their experiences.