Deception Security & Active Authentication: How to Protect Your Data for Real

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Deception Security & Active Authentication: How to Protect Your Data for Real

Mkt watchers estimate the Cybersecurity mktplace is now valued at + $600 Billion & expected to reach $1 Trillion worldwide by 2020.Why after all this investment is data still lost?

Wednesday, November 1, 2017
Kemeny Hall 007
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Abstract:  Market watchers estimate the Cybersecurity marketplace is now valued at over $600 Billion and expected to reach $1 Trillion worldwide by 2020. A great deal of hardcore science in academia has studied security for decades. Why after all this investment is data still lost? Encryption, Data Loss Prevention, Endpoint Detection and Response, User Behavior Analytics technologies all lead the markets in prevention of data loss, but fail to deliver. It is clear new methods and techniques are needed to do a far better job at protecting data.  The goal of our early work was to defend against data loss by a principled approach to integrating several security methodologies including deception and user de-authentication. In this talk we will provide a brief history of our work on the Deception Security and Active Authentication technology we developed, and the transition from academic research to practical use in commercial products.

Bio:  Salvatore Stolfo is a Professor of Computer Science at Columbia University. He is regarded as creating the area of machine learning applied to computer security in the mid-1990’s and has created several anomaly detection algorithms and systems addressing some of the hardest problems in securing computer systems. Of particular note is his recent interest in the practical application of deception security in scale. Stolfo is also co-inventor of the Symbiote technology that automatically injects intrusion detection functionality into arbitrary embedded devices. Stolfo has had numerous best papers and awards, most recently the RAID Most Influential Paper and Usenix Security Distinguished Paper awards. He has published well over 230 papers and has been granted over 60 patents and has been an advisor and consultant to government agencies, including DARPA, the National Academies and others, for well over 2 decades. Two security companies were recently spun out of his IDS lab, Allure Security Technology and Red Balloon Security.

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