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  • Travis Peters, a doctoral student in the Department of Computer Science, was selected as one of this year’s recipients of the Graduate Student Teaching Award.

    Peters will be starting his second year as a PhD student this fall. While at Dartmouth, he has had the opportunity to work with Professor David Kotz on two different projects. This past winter, Peters began working on the development of a mobile health intervention application (or “app”) and wearable sensor for the...

  • The Neukom Digital Arts Leadership and Innovation (DALI) lab is a research and development lab in our department, which combines the latest design and technology practices to help non-profits, faculty, centers across campus and businesses communicate effectively. The best and brightest Dartmouth students (undergraduate and graduate) work in small teams of designers, developers and project managers. Learn more at ...

  • Tuesday, May 6, 2014
    Hopkins Center- Top of Hop, Spaulding Auditorium and Hop Garage

    Sponsored by: Computer Science Department
    Intended Audience(s): Public
    Categories: Arts, Exhibitions, Films, Free Food

    This annual event is a merging of DAX (Digital Arts Exhibition) and the New Music Festival.  Student work from across campus will be shown in locations throughout the Hopkins Center.  We begin at the Top of the Hop at 6:30 with a cyber fashion...

  • From an article by Dartmouth Now

    William H. Neukom, Dartmouth Class of 1964, has committed $10 million to help Dartmouth become a leading academic institution in an important area of teaching and research in the 21st century—analyzing and applying vast sets of data to problems and questions across the academic landscape.

    The William H. Neukom Academic Cluster in...

  • From an article on Dartmouth Now

    “Once upon a time, knowing how to use a computer was virtually synonymous with knowing how to program one. And the thing that made it possible was a programming language called BASIC,” writes Harry McCracken in a TIME article about the history and legacy of BASIC, developed 50 years ago...

  • At 4 a.m. on May 1, 1964, in the basement of College Hall, Professor John Kemeny and a student programmer simultaneously typed RUN on neighboring terminals. When they both got back correct answers to their simple programs, time-sharing and BASIC were born.

    Kemeny, who later became Dartmouth's 13th president, Professor Tom Kurtz, and a number of undergraduate students worked together to revolutionize computing with the...

  • The most recent addition to our department, Dr. Xia Zhou is already making waves, having successfully competed for a Google Faculty Research Award. An article about her and her work was published on Dartmouth Now, which was also featured on the main page...

  • Hongyu Chen ’15, a Computer Science major from Riverside, California, is one of only two Dartmouth undergraduates to be named the winner of the Goldwater Scholarship for 2014. Only 283 sophomores and juniors (from a total of 1,166 were nominees) were selected on the basis of academic merit for this prestigious award. Hongyu and Sarah Hammer ’15, an engineering sciences major from Villanova, PA, are featured in a...

  • Students in “Computer Science 50 Software Design and Implementation”, led by Prof. Andrew Campbell, are attracting attention across campus with their "flying nanocopters." Programming these devices for real-time control is the topic of their final project in the course. This story has been covered by...

  • Dartmouth’s Sergey Bratus is on a mission to protect the Internet from cyber attacks and other criminal enterprises. It’s a big job.

    Among his concerns about what he calls the “ubiquitous Internet insecurity” are credit card and identity theft and other misuses of the information highway. “We also hear reports of Internet infringement by repressive regimes targeting computers and smartphones of dissidents and protesters across the world,” says Bratus, a research assistant professor in...