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  • The Pitch is a chance for members of the Dartmouth community to share their ideas, research, and innovations in hopes of receiving venture, design, development, and/or funding support. Each project has two minutes to share their project proposal with a panel of live judges from the Digital Arts Leadership and Innovation Lab (DALI), DEN, and a live audience. Winners of The Pitch will be chosen by both the judges and the audience.

    The Pitch presents a unique opportunity for people to...

  • Graduate students Tianxing Li, Chuankai An, and Professors Andrew Campbell and Xia Zhou are awarded the Best Paper Award at ACM VLCS'14 for their work on advancing screen-to-camera communication.

    We are all familiar with QRCodes: a coded image shown on the screen (e.g., smartphone screens, TVs), which can then be captured by a phone camera and translated into data.

    The new system called HiLight removes the need of...

  • Sergey Bratus and Felix 'FX' Lindner delivered a joint invited talk at this year's USENIX Security Conference. This premier conference brings together attendees from academia, industry, and government.

    The talk entitled "Information Security War Room" examined the state of IT security, the implications of the ongoing computer insecurity epidemic for national security and "cyberwarfare", the current misguided attempts of various governments to...

  • Much of the stress and strain of student life remains hidden. The StudentLife study led by Professor Andrew Campbell built a smartphone sensing app that 48 computer science students used over 10 weeks of the spring term 2013. It revealed a number of interesting findings.  Researchers found that objective sensing data from the students' phones significantly correlated with academic performance and mental-health, such as, grades, GPA, stress...

  • In their recently published 2014 Yearbook, the International Medical Informatics Association named Prof Sean Smith's Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association paper one of the best papers of 2014.  In that paper (, Sean and Prof Ross Koppel (  of Penn built a taxonomy of...

  • Our own Lorenzo Torresani has won the Google Faculty Research Award. Dr. Torresani aims to use deep learning (i.e., learning of deep networks) to discover compact representations of video that work well for classifying human pose dynamics.

    Dr. Torresani proposed to learn semantic primitives to represent human actions in video. The primitives are learned by training deep convolutional neural networks to classify different human pose...

  • Three new faculty members are joining the Computer Science department--Emily Whiting, Wojciech Jarosz, and Qiang Liu. Emily Whiting will be on campus starting this coming Fall 2014, and Wojciech Jarosz and Qiang Liu will join us in the Fall of 2015.

    Emily Whiting completed her postdoctoral training at ETH Zurich, prior to which she received both M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees from MIT. Her research interests include architectural geometry, masonry...

  • Travis Peters, a doctoral student in the Department of Computer Science, was selected as one of this year’s recipients of the Graduate Student Teaching Award.

    Peters will be starting his second year as a PhD student this fall. While at Dartmouth, he has had the opportunity to work with Professor David Kotz on two different projects. This past winter, Peters began working on the development of a mobile health intervention application (or “app”) and wearable sensor for the...

  • The Neukom Digital Arts Leadership and Innovation (DALI) lab is a research and development lab in our department, which combines the latest design and technology practices to help non-profits, faculty, centers across campus and businesses communicate effectively. The best and brightest Dartmouth students (undergraduate and graduate) work in small teams of designers, developers and project managers. Learn more at ...

  • Tuesday, May 6, 2014
    Hopkins Center- Top of Hop, Spaulding Auditorium and Hop Garage

    Sponsored by: Computer Science Department
    Intended Audience(s): Public
    Categories: Arts, Exhibitions, Films, Free Food

    This annual event is a merging of DAX (Digital Arts Exhibition) and the New Music Festival.  Student work from across campus will be shown in locations throughout the Hopkins Center.  We begin at the Top of the Hop at 6:30 with a cyber fashion...