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  • During 2016-2017 Professor Andrew Campbell took leave from Dartmouth and joined Google and Verily (Google's life science startup) as a visiting research scientist working in the Android group in Mountain View on new wearables and at Verily in South San Francisco on mental health sensing. Now back at Dartmouth he is busy working on 3 new awards from NIH and IARPA with students in the DartNet lab.

    The new projects include a collaboration between Dartmouth CS and the Tuck business school...

  • Sex trafficking is a growing problem that has moved from the street to the smart phone. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC)reports an 846 percent increase in reports of suspected child sex trafficking from 2010 to 2015, which it found to be “directly correlated to the increased use of the Internet to sell children for sex.” Victims of illegal sex trafficking have found it difficult to seek justice in the courts due to the blanket liability protection provided in...

  • Allison Chuang, a rising junior majoring in CS, participated in Rewriting the Code this summer in Durham, NC. Rewriting the Code is focused on recruiting,
    retaining and advancing women in tech. Sue Harnett recently wrote an article about the program and Allison's involvement in it. Check out the full article here.

  • Xia Zhou has been named one of N2Women's "Rising Stars in Networking and Communications" this year. The "N2Women: Rising Stars in Networking and Communications” list is an annual list that focuses on amazing women at the beginning of their careers.

    Of course we at Dartmouth already knew this of Xia, but its nice to know others agree!

    For 2017, in alphabetical order (by last name), here are the 10 N2Women: Rising Stars in Networking and Communications...

  • It turns out humans aren’t very good at recognizing when an image has been manipulated, even if the change is fairly substantial. Hany Farid talks with Popular Science, sharing a few tips for authenticating images on your own.

    Check out the full Popular Science article.

  • With so much attention being paid to gender inequalities, it's become clear that more action needs to take place to provide more opportunities for women, particularly in the STEM fields. 

    And colleges and universities play a critical role in helping to lead this change. 

    StudySoup recently ranked ...

  • V.S. Subrahmanian—whose work in data science and cybersecurity has been used to accurately forecast the behavior of terrorist networks, detect bots on social media platforms, prevent rhinoceros poaching, and much more—has been named the inaugural Dartmouth College Distinguished Professor in Cybersecurity, Technology, and Society, beginning Aug. 1.

    The position is the senior appointment to the new Academic Cluster in Cybersecurity, Technology, and Society—part of President Phil Hanlon...

  • When we say we are “delighted,” what do we mean? Can a delightful experience be thoughtfully designed and evaluated? Thalia Wheatley, an associate professor of psychological and brain sciences, is looking for answers to those questions. So this spring, she teamed up with Lorie Loeb, a research professor of computer science and director of the DALI Lab...

  • On June 11, 100 Computer Science undergraduates and 37 graduate students received their degrees. Here are some of the graduates, with their families, along with a few Computer Science faculty members.

  • Jessica Fan won the Gazzaniga Family Science Award, which is given to a graduating senior in the sciences for scientific accomplishments. Jessica had two published papers by the time she graduated, and she will be presenting her paper, “Dense Gray Codes in Mixed Radices,” this week at the IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT), in Aachen Germany.