News & Events

  • The Dartmouth is running a story about the salary ranges of Dartmouth majors. 

    A Dartmouth graduate’s average salary can range from $38,900 to $100,500, while student debt at the College ranges from $7,500 to $17,007 depending on a choice of major, according to...

  • Prof. Dan Rockmore ponders what happens when machines learn to write poetry in a recent piece for The New Yorker. From the article:

    The history of intelligent machines is one of moving goalposts: Sure, a machine can do this, but can it do that? The “that” is often an achievement that strikes us as strongly connected to emotion—that seems especially human. A robot that can clean the crumbs...

  • This video highlights CS25.01 and CS25.02—a two course sequence teaching the...

  • Dartmouth CS alumna Rachael Rhee '16, who is now a 1st Lt. in the US Army, is the lead designer in building the user interface for a community-based platform for the Army and Department of Defense's data workforce called COEUS. COEUS is a central virtual location for users to gather for the optimization of sharing algorithms, uniformly stored and organized for accessibility.

    Check out the full story over at the US...

  • The Rendering Competition for the class CS87/187: Rendering Algorithms was held bright and early on Tuesday November 26th. The theme for this year’s competition was “The Outer Limits.” Twelve competitors showed off their interpretations of this theme to a panel of three judges, Benedikt Bitterli (Dartmouth), Bailey Miller (Blend), and Chris...

  • We are seeking applications for an administrative assistant to the department at the rank of Administrative Assistant III.

    Position Purpose

    The Administrative Assistant III will provide administrative support for the Computer Science Department, including coordinating and performing a wide variety of office activities that will increase office efficiency, expedite and support the work of others, and ensure the smooth operation of the office. The Administrative Assistant is...

  • New Europe is running an interview with our very own V.S. Subrahmanian:

    In today’s world, the capture of a terrorist leader or the destruction of a terror cell is one of the basic functions of any intelligence agency in the world today. Computer scientist V.S. Subrahmanian is applying a big data approach to fighting terror by trying to put more objective analysis into decisions about which terrorists to target.

    His work stands squarely at the intersection of big...

  • Themis Haris '21 was selected by the Computer Science faculty as this year's winner of the Francis L. Town Scientific Prize in Computer Science.

    This prize was established by the bequest of Francis L. Town, a member of the class of 1856 from Lancaster, New Hampshire, and is offered annually to "one meritorious and deserving student in each department of scientific study at the College" as of the end of the sophomore year.

    As winner of the Town Prize, Themis joins a small group...

  • Dan Rockmore ponders how we generate new ideas in this article for The New Yorker.

    Where do ideas come from? That’s a big question. Here’s a smaller one: Where do mathematical ideas come from? I’ve wondered about this from the time I first contemplated being a mathematician until long after I officially became one.


  • Alberto Quattrini Li (PI), Devin Balkcom (Co-PI), Xia Zhou (Co-PI), Bo Zhu (Co-PI), Jesse Casana (Anthropology, Co-PI), and Dave Lutz (Environmental Studies, Senior Personnel) were awarded a $400,000 NSF Major Research Instrumentation grant for acquiring marine multirobot systems for underwater monitoring and construction. 

    The research enabled by the instruments to be acquired with this award is focused on exploration of techniques and principles that guide the development of...