Amulet: computational jewelry for mHealth

Prof. Ryan Halter and Prof. David Kotz

An Amulet is computational jewelry, that is, a wearable computing device that is convenient and fashionable. It addresses the challenges of setting up and maintaining a secure and reliable body-area network of mobile-health devices. An Amulet serves as an identity proxy and provides essential body-area network services, such as device discovery and monitoring, authorization control for mobile apps, and a trusted path for interacting with the user. With a focused mHealth purpose, Amulet emphasizes security, privacy, and usability; the general-purpose smartphone platform remains to serve other applications. In the future, we believe, the smartphone will not be the preferred device for implementing a highly available WBAN controller. Rather, a very small wearable device will better meet the high availability requirements of mobile-health body area networks.

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