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Prof. David Kotz and Kobby Essien Win Prestigious SIGMOBILE Test-of-Time Award

David Kotz and Kobby Essien received mobile computing's most prestigious award for their technical paper:  "Analysis of a Campus-wide Wireless Network".

From the SIGMOBILE website:

This paper was the first to systematically demonstrate how to measure and understand a production-scale wireless network, which was previously considered an impenetrable black box. This led to an incredible amount of follow-on work, with the measurement methods and analysis mechanisms proposed in this paper still being used. This paper was also the spark for the creation of the CRAWDAD data repository, which has been of immense value to the wireless research community.

Check out the full story, including information about the other awardees at the SIGMOBILE ToT award website

You can find more information about this research project at Dartmouth's campus-wide wireless network research page.

DartNets Lab's DarkLight Won Best Video Award in MobiCom'16

With the rise in wearables such as smartwatches and fitness trackers that rely on smart sensors, and the continued popularity of smartphones, smartdevices are taking our country by storm. Wireless data for such devices is typically beamed through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, yet, the new wireless communication technology of “visible light communication (VLC),” has emerged as a new option albeit with limitations due to the challenges it faces in practice, such as being easily blocked or not being able to sustain transmission when light is off. Through a new Dartmouth project called “DarkLight,” researchers have developed and demonstrated for the first-time, how visible light can be used to transmit data even when the light appears dark or off. DarkLight provides a new communication primitive similar to infrared communication, however, it exploits the LED lights already around us rather than needing additional infrared emitters.

The study, “The DarkLight Rises: Visible Light Communication in the Dark,” was presented and demonstrated at “MobiCom 2016: The 22nd Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking” by Zhao Tian, the lead Ph.D. student for the project.

The DALI Lab and DEN Partner for The Pitch

The Pitch is a chance for members of the Dartmouth community to share their ideas, research, and innovations in hopes of receiving venture, design, development, and/or funding support. Each project has two minutes to share their project proposal with a panel of live judges from the Digital Arts Leadership and Innovation Lab (DALI), DEN, and a live audience. Winners of The Pitch will be chosen by both the judges and the audience.

The Pitch presents a unique opportunity for people to learn how their ideas and innovations can become a reality with the support of their community members and peers.

The Pitch will take place on Tuesday, November 4 from 5:00-6:30 PM in Loew Theater in the Black Family Visual Arts Center. Whether you're pitching your idea or interested in what others are presenting, we hope you'll join us to vote in the Pitch!


Dartmouth’s DAX Week Celebrates Creativity

Chidi Anyadike '13

Screenings of student computer animation and a 24-hour “Make-A-Thon” competition are just two of the featured events in Dartmouth’s second annual Digital Arts Exhibition (DAX) from May 6 through 12.

The DAX week kicks off with FABrication Labs (FAB Labs) in the Hopkins Center Garage (formerly the Studio Art drawing studios), which will be held from noon to 11 p.m. on May 6, 7, 8, and 10. Spearheaded by Spencer Topel, assistant professor of music, the FAB Lab motto is “make something!” Students will assist visitors in learning to make animated videos, digital musical instruments, and other creative projects.

Dartmouth Digital Arts Students’ Work Showcased in Downtown Hanover

Susan J. Boutwell

Dartmouth will roll out a real red carpet in downtown Hanover for “DAX v.1,” the first exhibition of student work in the Digital Arts, at a festival that will include a screening of student computer animation. The May 10 event is free and open to the public.

Along with the Hollywood-style entrance on the Nugget Theater’s terrace, there will be opportunities to “paint on walls” using projections on the exterior walls of the Nugget building from 7-11 p.m. Visitors can enjoy the projections and sample a free gelato while listening to live music from students in the Digital Music Department.