The Minors

The Computer Science department houses both a standard Computer Science Minor (available to all students who are not majoring in Computer Science and who do not have a modified major with Computer Science), and a Digital Arts Minor (available to all students). The Computer Science Undergraduate Advisor approves the minors.

Computer Science Minor


The prerequisites are COSC 1 or ENGS 20; and COSC 10.

The minor comprises any five elective courses (30-89) as approved by the Departmental Undergraduate Advisor and drawn from at least two of the following three sets of courses: 30-49, 50-69, and 70-89.

Digital Arts Minor


The Computer Science Department houses a minor in Digital Arts in collaboration with Film StudiesPsychological and Brain SciencesStudio ArtMusic and Theater. This minor is available to all students, including those majoring in Computer Science.

The prerequisites are one of COSC 1, COSC 2, or ENGS 20.

The courses for the minor are

The Digital Arts Program at Dartmouth has its own website, which provides news and more details on the Digital Arts Minor.