Major in Computer Science

The major in Computer Science is intended for those students who plan careers in Computer Science or in fields that make use of computing, for those who plan graduate study in Computer Science, and also for those who simply find Computer Science interesting. Undergraduates majoring in Computer Science will have opportunities to participate with faculty in activities outside formal coursework. These activities include assisting in courses, writing a thesis or doing a project under the guidance of a faculty member, and assisting a faculty member in research or in a programming project.

To fulfill the major in Computer Science, a student must complete the courses prerequisite to the major and satisfy the requirements of the major. The Honors Program page includes additional requirements for the Honors Program.

For full information about the CS major, see the online ORC.

Off-Campus Credit Opportunities

Transfer Term at AIT-Budapest

Although the Department of Computer Science does not offer an off-campus program, a few of our undergraduates have taken a transfer term, usually in the fall, at AIT-Budapest and received transfer credit for some of the AIT courses. Check out this page for more information.