Modified CS Majors

For full information about modified majors involving Computer Science, see the online ORC. We provide the info below for convenience, and though we try to keep this information current, in the event of any inaccuracies, the ORC is the definitive source.

Note: The Dartmouth Committee on Instruction has confirmed that students are able to modify majors with the Digital Arts Minor. If your Modified Major request was rejected recently, please resubmit.

Existing pre-approved modified majors

We have several pre-approved modified majors:

  • Modified Major with Computer Science as the Primary Part
  • Modified Major with Computer Science as the Secondary Part
  • Modified Major with Digital Arts as the Secondary Part
  • The Computer Science Major Modified with Engineering Sciences
  • The Computer Science Major Modified with Digital Arts

Please see the ORC for details.

You can also create your own modified major. Many students have created modified majors with Computer Science being either the primary or the secondary part. Particularly common modified majors are with engineering, mathematics, or economics, but modified majors with philosophy, music, film studies, psychology, physics, geography, studio art, and many other subjects have been approved.