Prof. Campbell wins 3 new grants for $13M on mobile sensing

During 2016-2017 Professor Andrew Campbell took leave from Dartmouth and joined Google and Verily (Google's life science startup) as a visiting research scientist working in the Android group in Mountain View on new wearables and at Verily in South San Francisco on mental health sensing. Now back at Dartmouth he is busy working on 3 new awards from NIH and IARPA with students in the DartNet lab.

The new projects include a collaboration between Dartmouth CS and the Tuck business school funded by IARPA to study collaboration in the workplace using mobile phones, wearables and specialized IOT devices. Another project funded by NIH between Dartmouth CS and UW is investigating auditory verbal hallucination using mobile phones. Finally, we are following 100 undergrads across their 4 years at Dartmouth College as part of another NIH funded project with PBS to study the stress and strain of undergraduate students.

A common thread running through these new projects is the use of the StudentLife mobile sensing technology first developed by Campbell's group at Dartmouth in 2013. StudentLife has been used at a number of colleges in the US and Europe for research in student health.