Funding & Sponsorship Opportunities

There are several avenues for requesting funding/sponsorship for official College-related activities.

Funding through the CS Department

Research funding

Our Lovelace Research Program provides funding to support undergraduate students in conducting research with a computer-science faculty advisor.

Travel/event funding

We also occasionally sponsor travel or campus events. Students should send an email to the Department Chair, Professor Balkcom:, with a cc to the Department Administrator, Susan Perry Cable: The email should include a description of the event, estimated budget, a brief explanation as to how the sponsorship will be beneficial to you as a Dartmouth student, and the source of any other funds available.

Approved expenses will be reimbursed once the trip or event is complete. Original receipts are required for all reimbursable expenditures. Our office is happy to help you with accessing the reimbursement form and submitting it to the appropriate Finance Center. Susan Perry Cable should be listed as the approver.

For the events that the department provides full or partial funding, please send a brief report after the event that states, for each part of the event, what it is and how many attended (number of undergrads, grads, and others).

Other funding resources at Dartmouth

Beyond sponsorship by the CS department, there are various College-wide funding opportunities for undergraduates. Please see the the following pages at the UGAR office for a list of available options:

External funding opportunities

There are also many external funding opportunities available to Dartmouth students. Dartboard and UGAR both maintain lists of external funding opportunities. Here is just a small sampling of additional opportunities:

  •, a student scholarship platform, offers $1,000 scholarships for male or female African-American students who are current or aspiring entrepreneurs. The African-American Entrepreneurs Grants aim to help close the funding gap for African-American entrepreneurs (current or aspiring). Students in any undergraduate or graduate field are welcome to apply for the award. Students don't need to have already started a business to apply.

  • WiseGeek Mental Health Wellbeing Scholarship is a $500 scholarship for college students who have experienced challenges with mental health or had those close to them who have.

  • WiseGeek Recent Immigrants Scholarship is a $500 scholarship for students who have immigrated to the United States on or after January 1, 2010.