Alumni Professors

Prof. David Kotz has compiled a list of Dartmouth CS graduates who are now professors at universities and colleges around the world. Please e-mail the webmaster if you would like to be included on the list!

In a few of these cases, these "CS alums" were actually math majors as the CS major was not introduced until the late 70s or early 80s, the CS PhD program did not begin until 1986, and the CS MS program did not begin until the 90s. (The MIS program spanned the 70s and early 80s).

Alumni Faculty

Christine Alvarado, '98, University of California, San Diego

Paul Ammann, '83, George Mason University

Owen Astrachan, '78, Duke University

Boulat A. Bash, '01, University of Arizona

Amy Briggs, '86, Middlebury College

Joshua Brody, Ph.D. '10, Swarthmore College

Larry Carter, '69, University of California at San Diego

Guanling Chen, Ph.D. '04, University of Massachusetts at Lowell

Frederick (Ric) Crabbe, '92, United States Naval Academy

Jon Denning, Ph.D. '14, Taylor University

Matt Dickerson, '85, Middlebury College

Jeremy Fineman, '01, Georgetown University

Perry Fizzano, PhD, '95, Chair of the Computer Science department at Western Washington University

Steve Garland, '63, MIT

Michael Goldweber, Ph.D. '93, Xavier University

Michael Hay, '98, Colgate University

George Heineman, '89, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Roberto Hoyle, '95, Oberlin College

Heng Huang, Ph.D. '06, Brendan Iribe Endowed Professor, Univeristy of Maryland, College Park

Pete Johnson, Ph.D., Middlebury College

Dimitrios Kagaris, Ph.D. '94, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

David Kopec, '09, MS '12, Champlain College

Stavros Kolliopoulos, Ph.D. '98, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Greece), and McMaster University (Canada)

Danny Kopec, '75, Brooklyn College

David Kotz, '86, Dartmouth College

Dexter Kozen, '74, Cornell University

Clif Kussmaul, MS '93, Muhlenberg College

Chris Langmead, Ph.D. '04, Carnegie Mellon University

Dawn Lawrie, '97, Loyola College in Maryland

Cathie LeBlanc, '85, Plymouth State University

William Lenhart, Ph.D. 1983, A. Barton Hepburn Professor of Computer Science and Provost at Williams College

Qun Li, Ph.D. '04, William and Mary

Ryan Lilien, Ph.D., M.D. '06, University of Toronto

Jason Liu, Ph.D. '03, Florida International University

Daniel Lopresti, '82, Lehigh University

Siwei Lyu, Ph.D. '05, SUNY Albany

Shrirang Mare, Ph.D. '16, Western Washington University

Scott McElfresh, Ph.D. '02, Longwood University

Takis Metaxas, Ph.D. '92, Wellesley College

Varun Mishra, Ph.D. '21, Northeastern University

Chris Nevison, '67, Colgate University

Cal Newport, '04, Georgetown University

Charles B. Owen, Ph.D. '98, Michigan State University

Glen Frank Patashnick, '98, Metropolitan College of Boston University

Martha Pollack, '79, President of Cornell University

Aarathi Prasad, Ph.D. '16, Skidmore College

Fred Roberts, '64, Rutgers

Steve Reiss, '72, Brown University

Li Shen, Ph.D. '04, University of Pennsylvania

Edward Talmage, '12, Bucknell University

Mike Taylor, '96, University of Washington

Lisa Torrey, '03, St. Lawrence University

David Wagner, Ph.D. '06, Hanyang University (Korea)

Alik Widge, '99, Harvard Medical School & Massachusetts General Hospital

Lea Wittie, Ph.D. '04, Bucknell University

Alden Wright, '64, Emeritus Professor, University of Montana