Students compete for most realistic CG renderings

The Rendering Competition for the class CS87/187: Rendering Algorithms was held bright and early on Tuesday November 26th. The theme for this year’s competition was “The Outer Limits.” Twelve competitors showed off their interpretations of this theme to a panel of three judges, Benedikt Bitterli (Dartmouth), Bailey Miller (Blend), and Chris Wyman (NVIDIA), as well as MC Wojciech Jarosz. The top prize went to PhD student Dario Seyb, who rendered a spectacular image of the bridge of a spaceship looking out onto a black hole (with physically accurate light distortion caused by the black hole). NVIDIA kindly donated an NVIDIA Titan RTX graphics card as the top prize for the competition.

Runner up Kate Salesin simulated an image of clear diatoms viewed through a polarization light microscope, with physically accurate polarization and wavelength-dependent phase shifts creating a vivid array of colors.

Honorable mention Yaorui Zhang created a serene scene of a seed encased in glass in a lush forest.

Congratulations to Dario and the other winners!

See details about these winning entries (as well as all other submissions) over at the Dartmouth 2019 Rendering Competition website.