The following complete listing provides an overview of available courses; course titles link to individual course home pages where available.

For brief descriptions of courses and scheduled instructors, please consult the official Dartmouth Course Descriptions and Requirements published by the Office of the Registrar.  For detailed information about the terms and times that courses will be offered, the most reliable source is the Timetables page on the Registrar's site.  (Click on Subject Area(s), then search for COSC courses.)

A Note About Course Credits

Ph.D. Requirements

No undergraduate courses may count toward the Ph.D. degree.

M.S. Requirements

In addition to the courses listed below, certain undergraduate courses can be taken for graduate credit. Undergraduate courses that may be taken for graduate credit include 39, 55, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, and 81. Students taking these courses for graduate credit will be asked to do assignments in addition to those required of undergraduates taking these courses.

Course Dependency Graph

The course dependency graph below shows undergraduate courses in grey, undergraduate courses that can be taken for graduate credit in red, and graduate courses in blue. The arrows indicate prerequisite listed in the ORC. Click the graph to open a PDF where each node links to the corresponding course in the ORC.


COSC 122. 3D Digital Modeling

COSC 124. Computer Animation: The State of the Art

COSC 127. Projects in Digital Arts

COSC 129. Topics in Digital Arts

COSC 135. Data Stream Algorithms

COSC 140. Computational Complexity

COSC 149. Topics in Algorithms and Complexity

COSC 162. Applied Cryptography

COSC 165. Smartphone Programming

COSC 169. Topics in Computer Systems

COSC 170. Numerical and Computational Tools for Applied Science

COSC 174. Machine Learning and Statistical Data Analysis

COSC 175. Introduction to Bioinformatics

COSC 177. Computer Graphics

COSC 183. Computer Vision

COSC 184. Mathematical Optimization and Modeling

COSC 186. Computational Structural Biology

COSC 187. Rendering Algorithms

COSC 189. Topics in Applied Computer Science

COSC 191. Writing, Presenting, and Evaluating Technical Papers in Computer Science

COSC 210. Computer Science Colloquium (no credit, all graduate students must register)

COSC 219. Special Topics

COSC 231. Advanced Algorithms

COSC 240. Computational Complexity

COSC 251. Computer Architecture

COSC 258. Advanced Operating Systems

COSC 259. Programming Languages

COSC 271. Numerical Linear Algebra

COSC 276. Advanced Artificial Intelligence

COSC 294. Reading Course

COSC 295. Experiential Learning in Graduate Computer Science

COSC 296. Supervised Undergraduate Teaching

COSC 297. Graduate Research

COSC 298. Thesis Research

COSC 299. Full-Time Thesis Research