DartNets Lab's HiLight System Won Best Demo at MobiSys'15

HiLight is the first system that allows screens (e.g., screens of TVs, laptops, tablets, or smartphones) to talk to camera-equipped devices without you knowing it, regardless of the content shown on the screen. It works even upon the dynamic screen content generated on the fly by user interactions (e.g., gaming, web browsing). It removes the need of showing the gangly barcodes (e.g, QR codes) on the screen, so that the screen can display the content as it normally does, while the communication happens behind the scene, in real time.

This work was presented and demoed at the ACM MobiSys'15 on May 20, in Florence, Italy. It won the Best Demo Award.

Check out the demo video on the HiLight project website: http://dartnets.cs.dartmouth.edu/hilight.

Find out other interesting research projects in DartNets Lab at: http://dartnets.cs.dartmouth.edu.