The Neukom Creative Intelligence Challenge

Can a robot write a poem, a novel, or a piece of music? Dartmouth’s William H. Neukom Institute for Computational Science is about to find out.

In the 2015-2016 academic year, the Neukom Institute will run three different "Turing Tests in Creativity" competitions. The DigiLit prize competition encourages the creation of algorithms able to produce a "human-level" short story of the kind that might be intended for a short story collection produced in a well-regarded MfA program or a piece for The New Yorker. The prize seeks to reward algorithms that could, for example, write stories for a creative writing class in which students are asked to submit a new short story each day. The PoetiX completion in the equivalent for computer-generated sonnets, whereas the AlgoRythms competition challenges computers to perform live DJing.

“In our competitions, we hope to inspire artificial intelligence researchers to take on that challenge and create another dimension of AI—creative intelligence,” says Daniel Rockmore, the William A. Neukom 1964 Distinguished Professor of Computational Science and director of the Neukom Institute. The announcement of these competitions has been widely publicized, with articles appearing in Fortune, Motherboard, Quartz, and other outlets.

For prize amounts, competition rules and others details please visit the Neukom Institute Turing Tests in Creativity site.