Electronics 360 features Prof. Zhou's Light-Sensing System

Dartmouth researchers are “using the power of the light all around us to develop a light-sensing system that tracks a person’s behavior continuously in real-time, without being overbearing,” writes the website Electronics 360 in a feature about the system.

“The StarLight system has a variety of potential applications, including virtual reality without on-body controllers and real-time health monitoring. The new system builds upon the team’s previous work, called license, and reduces the number of intrusive sensors while overcoming furniture blockage and supporting user mobility,” the website writes.

It quotes Dartmouth CS Assistant Professor Xia Zhou talking about StarLight. “Light is everywhere and we're making it very smart,” she says. “Imagine a future where light knows and responds to what we do. We can naturally interact with surrounding smart objects, such as drones and smart appliances and play games, using purely the light around us. It can also enable a new passive health and behavioral-monitoring paradigm to foster healthy lifestyles or identify early symptoms of certain diseases. The possibilities are unlimited.”

Read the full story, published 6/16/16 by Electronics 360.