Sydcast interviews Patricia Hannaway

Patricia Hannaway recently did a postcast interview with Sydney Finkelstein.

Have you heard of Lord of the Rings? And, of course, the character Golem? Or maybe you’ve seen Mulan – one of Disney’s feature productions. Did you ever think about who brought those characters to life via animation and computer graphics? My guest this week might be able to help – because she’s the one who did the work! An accomplished animator, teacher, artist, and even ex-Wall Street banker, Patricia Hannaway’s work has spanned numerous fields. As with so many people I’m fortunate enough to talk to on the podcast, Patricia comes to us in multi-color and multi-dimension. The personal and the professional always meld together in defining ways, often leading us to unexpected experiences. For Patricia, that means engaging with people as diverse as Andy Warhol, Steve Jobs, and Barack Obama. Patricia Hannaway is the perfect dinner-party guest and, as you’re about to hear, the perfect podcast guest. Clip on your ear pods and come join us.

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