Dartmouth team receives NSF grant for underwater robots

Alberto Quattrini Li (PI), Devin Balkcom (Co-PI), Xia Zhou (Co-PI), Bo Zhu (Co-PI), Jesse Casana (Anthropology, Co-PI), and Dave Lutz (Environmental Studies, Senior Personnel) were awarded a $400,000 NSF Major Research Instrumentation grant for acquiring marine multirobot systems for underwater monitoring and construction. 

The research enabled by the instruments to be acquired with this award is focused on exploration of techniques and principles that guide the development of algorithms and computational systems for control and design of water robots to study: underwater robotic construction or scaffolding to protect delicate ecologies; multirobot communication and coordination for monitoring; and underwater exploration and mapping.

The instrumentation acquired will provide opportunities to students at all levels with hands-on experience in research, programming, and experiential learning, and public outreach communicate the challenges and insights derived from field experiments.

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