Kemeny Prize winners announced

The CS Department Prize Committee announced three winners of this year's John G. Kemeny Computing Prize: Daniel DiPietro '22, Georgina Davis '22, and Franklin Ruan '24.

DiPietro and Ruan won in the 'Innovation' category. DiPietro's project, titled " Symplectically Integrated Symbolic Regression of Hamiltonian Dynamical Systems", proposes a novel technique for learning physical governing equations from data. Ruan used digital technologies and deep learning to examine the association between the use of antidepressants and abnormal physical movement patterns. His project was titled " Motor Associations of SSRIs as Evaluated Through Spatial Temporal Deep Learning Networks".

Davis' project " No Longer Lost in Translation: Lexicon-Based Sentiment Analysis for Ancient Translation Variation" was selected as the winning entry in the 'Undergrad Computing' category. The work, situated at the intersection between computational linguistics, artificial intelligence, translation studies, and Classical philology, presents a new methodology that can be used for studying ancient literature and examining the pivotal role of the translator.

The committee was impressed with all three submissions.