Kudos to Neukom Prize Winners

Four computer science students made the list of 2024 Neukom Prize winners.

Dario Seyb, Guarini, was one of two winners of the 1st prize and Quinton Qu, Guarini, shared the 3rd prize for outstanding graduate research in computational science.

Seyb's research focuses on creating computational frameworks that can express a wide range of geometric models that are necessary to faithfully simulate physical processes. 

Qu is developing a technique that combines time-of-flight sensors (like the Lidar on your iPhone) with regular cameras to create highly detailed 3D scenes. This technology is essential for advanced spatial computing and making immersive spatial photos, paving the way for the next generation of computing platforms.

Alan Sun '24, a computer science and neuroscience double major won 1st prize for outstanding undergraduate research in computational science. Sun defined a certification for artificial neural networks to robustness across input domains like vision and language.

Jack McMahon '24 placed third in the undergraduate category. He developed a deep learning model that improves past techniques that analyse slide images of Gram stains--clinical tests for bacterial infections.

Congratulations to the winners!