CS Faculty Reach Out to Local Schoolchildren

Dartmouth News has a story about how Dartmouth faculty, including our very own Alberto Quattrini Li, are reaching out to schoolchildren in the community as a way of sharing their knowledge, enthusiasm, and excitement about STEM fields. From the story:

For the past four years, Dan Rockmore has been working with students at Hanover’s Bernice A. Ray School (K-5) and the Frances C. Richmond Middle School. This includes leading a cohort of computer scientists during the annual “Hour of Code” week—an international effort to celebrate the field of computer science.

This year Li, an assistant professor of computer science, was among the participants. He demonstrated robotics to Ray School fourth-graders in January. “It was an exciting experience for the students,” he says. “They were eager to know about the robots I brought, asking many questions about how they work, interacting with them, and controlling them with a joystick. It was a personally rewarding experience through which I could share my passion about robotics and get them interested in the field, and more interested in STEM overall.”

Check out the full story over at Dartmouth News.