Gevorg Grigoryan

|Research Assoc Professor
Academic Appointments

Research Associate Professor of Computer Science

I am inspired by proteins. I would like to understand how each protein's function is encoded in its molecular structure and amino-acid sequence. This is a highly interdisciplinary pursuit, involving concepts from biology, physics, mathematics, computer science, and chemistry. Understanding the language of proteins will lead to cures for human diseases and will teach us how to engineer smart novel materials.


HB 6211


  • B.S. University of Maryland Baltimore County
  • Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Selected Publications

  • "Single methyl groups can act as toggle switches to specify transmembrane protein-protein interactions", L. He, H. Steinocher, A. Shelar, E. B. Cohen, E. N. Heim, B. B. Kragelund, G. Grigoryan, D. DiMaio, eLife6: e27701, 2017 [DOI].

  • "Sequence statistics of tertiary structural motifs reflect protein stability", F. Zheng, G. Grigoryan*, PLoS ONE12(5): e0178272, 2017 [PubMED] [DOI].

  • "Protein Structural Motifs in Prediction and Design", C. O. Mackenzie, G. GrigoryanCurrent Opinion in Structural Biology44: 161-167, 2017 [PubMED] [DOI].

  • "Design of self-assembling transmembrane helical bundles to elucidate principles required for membrane protein folding and ion transport", N. H. Joh, G. Grigoryan, Y. Wu, W. F. DeGrado, Philosophical Transactions B372(1726): 20160214, 2017 [PubMED] [DOI].

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