Lorie Loeb

Academic Appointments
  • Research Professor

  • Faculty Director, DALI Lab

  • Director, Digital Arts Programs (MS and Undergraduate)

My work is about creating well-designed technology tools that change the way people think and behave. Information is everywhere, in large quantity and questionable quality—monitors are ubiquitous, over 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and the Internet contains over 3.3 billion pages. People quickly shut down or ignore information when too much is given, is hard to understand, or difficult to accept. My research focuses on effective methods for presenting and visualizing information in order to get people’s attention, communicate effectively, and change behavior.

The DALI Lab is an innovation and leadership "garage" where students from all over campus come together in small teams to work on big problems. DALI teams build mindfully designed tools and technology for a variety of of partners, including NSBRI, faculty, staff and students, the Center for Technology and Behavioral Health, the Children’s Environmental Health Institute, and the Center for the Prevention of Genocide.


Sudikoff 163
HB 6211