Lorie Loeb

|Research Professor
Academic Appointments
  • Research Professor of Computer Science

  • Faculty Director, DALI Lab

  • Director, Digital Arts (MS and Undergraduate)

  • Deputy Director for UI/UX Design, Center for Technology and Behavioral Health

My work is difficult to define.  It sits at the intersection of technology, art, design, and society.  A core part of my research is about creating well-designed technology tools that change the way people think and behave. Information is everywhere, in large quantity and questionable quality—monitors are ubiquitous, over 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and the Internet contains billions of pages. My research focuses on effective methods for presenting and visualizing information in order to get people’s attention, communicate effectively, and change behavior.  

I am the co-founder and Faculty Director of the Digital Applied Learning and Innovation Lab (DALI), whose mission is to elevate learning through the transformative process of designing and developing digital tools, from idea to solution.  We challenge ourselves to care for each other, the craft we are learning, the problems we are solving, the reality we live in, and the future we envision.  At DALI small teams of students work with partners from across campus and around the world to build a wide range of digital solutions to some of the world's most pressing problems, including health, climate, access to information and resources, equity and inclusiong, and social/political reform.  

The Digital Arts program is both a Minor in the CS Department and a Master's program.  In addition to courses on topics ranging from 3D modeling and animation, we teach UI/UX Design, AR/VR design and development, digital fabrication, and we collaborate with the Visual Computing Group to help students learn how to make digital art and understand the tools and methods they are using.  


Engineer and Comp Science Ctr, Room 015
HB 6211