Robert Lewis (Scot) Drysdale, III

Professor of Computer Science

I will be retiring at the end of June 2018.

056 Sudikoff Laboratory
HB 6211
Computer Science
B.A. Knox College
M.S. Stanford University
Ph.D. Stanford University

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Selected Publications

Rong Yang, Subhadra Srinivasan, Robert L Scot Drysdale, “Three-dimensional image-guided fluorescence using boundary element method and dual reciprocity method,” Proc. SPIE 8088, 80881U (2011); doi:10.1117/12.891432.

Robert L Scot Drysdale, “Mathematical Induction is a Recursive Technique,” Proceedings of the 42nd SIGCSE Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education, March 10-12, 2011, 269-274.

Cliff Stein, Robert L. Drysdale, and Ken Bogart, Discrete Mathematics for Computer Scientists, Addison Wesley/Prentice Hall, March 2010.

Kim B. Bruce, Robert D Cupper, and Robert L. Scot Drysdale, “A History of the Liberal Arts Computer Science Consortium and its Model Curricula,” ACM TOCE 10:1 (2010) Article 3

David P. Wagner, Robert Scot Drysdale, and Clifford Stein, “An O ( n 5/2 log n ) Algorithm for the Rectilinear Minimum Link-Distance Problem in Three Dimensions,” CGTA  42 (2009) 376-387.

Drysdale, R L S, G Rote, and A Sturm, “Approximation of an Open Polygonal Curve with a Minimum Number of Circular Arcs and Biarcs,” Computational Geometry: Theory and Applications 41:1-2 (2008) 31-47.

Aurenhammer, F, R L S Drysdale, and H Krasser, “Farthest Line Segment Voronoi Diagram,” IPL 100 (2006) 220-225.

Peter Su and Robert L. Scot Drysdale, "A Comparison of Sequential Delaunay Triangulation Algorithms," Computational Geometry - Theory and Applications 7 (1997), 362-385

Works in Progress

Applications of Voronoi Diagrams and Delaunay Triangulations