Digital Arts

The Computer Science Department houses a minor in Digital Arts, which intersects with studio art, film, theater, engineering, music. 

Digital Arts Minor

The Digital Arts program in the Computer Science Department and the courses numbered COSC 20-29/120-129 are Digital Arts courses. The website linked earlier has detailed information. Undergraduate students at Dartmouth can do a Digital Arts Minor, or modify a major with Digital Arts as the secondary component. At this time, there is no Digital Arts major or a possibility to do a modified major with Digital Arts as the primary component.

NOTE: If declaring a Modified Major with Digital Arts being the secondary component, the requirements change if the primary component is CS or if it is not CS. 

  • If it is CS, then the relevant information is on the ORC (towards the very end) under the sub-heading "The Computer Science Major Modified with Digital Arts"
  • If it not CS, then the information on the ORC  under the sub-heading "Modified Major with Digital Arts as the Secondary Component"

For more information, please contact the Digital Arts Advisor.