Technical Reports

As of September 2020, the CS Technical Report collection is part of the Dartmouth Digital Commons. The complete collection of reports is in this collection; there are also specific collections for PhD dissertationsMaster's theses, and undergraduate theses. (Some theses and dissertations were released as a Technical Report, before September 2020, and thus show up in two collections above.)

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(internal use only)

Adding a new Technical Report

To issue a new Technical Report requires permission from a member of the faculty of the Department of Computer Science. The report author should follow these steps:

  1. author fills out and submits CS-Tech Reports Google Form; author, advisor, and admin receive email with a Technical Report number;
  2. advisor replies-all with permission to release report;
  3. author adds "Dartmouth Computer Science Technical Report TRyyyy-nnn" to the report's title page;
  4. author follows further instructions provided by email.