Transfer Credits

Often, undergraduate students take courses in universities other than Dartmouth and wish to get transfer credits for the same. Transfer credits for CS courses are approved by the Undergraduate Program Director. Below are stepwise instructions for getting transfer credit approval.

How to Transfer Credits for Courses Taken Outside Dartmouth

  1. First identify which CS courses in the Dartmouth curriculum best fits with the courses they wish to transfer to Dartmouth. Use the ORC and previous offerings of Dartmouth courses to do so.
  2. Once they have identified a course number, then they will identify a faculty member who has/is/will be taught/teaching it. This information can be readily found for most courses at the "Upcoming Courses" link in the CS website. In case the student has trouble identifying faculty, they should contact the UG Program Director.
  3. After they have identified the course number and the faculty member, they must write an email to this faculty member cc-ing the UG Program Director, asking if the course outside Dartmouth is suitable for transfer credit. They must provide all the information they have about that course: the course syllabus, website, instructors name, etc. This process can have a back-and-forth between the faculty member and the student, so they are requested to allow enough time for this.
  4. The faculty member will approve if there is significant overlap (roughly 80%) between the two courses. If they don't think so, they will not give approval, and the student cannot take transfer credit for that course number.
  5. After the student has heard back from all the professors about all the courses, they should email the UG Program Director with the transfer credit approval form. It would help if they could also copy-paste the final replies of the faculty members to help jog the memory of the UG Program Director.
  6. If no Dartmouth CS course seems to be a match, and yet they feel it deserves credit for a CS course, then they can simply email the UG Program Director asking for a transfer to COSC 000. The UG Director will make a call on this. This course, however, won't count towards the student's major requirements.