Be a TA

As you make your way through the computer science major/minor you will most likely interact with some amazing teaching assistants. Most of these dedicated TAs are your peers. Being a TA is a wonderful way to deepen your understanding of course material, give back to the CS department and your fellow students, and get paid while doing so.

Being a TA is a serious responsibility. Your professors and fellow students rely on you to uphold high standards in the classroom. Depending on the course, being a TA requires around 12 hours per week of time. You will be paid $12 per hour for your time (and for each course that you TA, you will be given a $0.50 per hour raise).

If you are interested in being a TA, you should contact the professor scheduled to teach the course at least two months in advance. Each professor will interview and select their TAs. There are no hard and fast rules on requirements and you should not shy away from applying to be a TA based on your GPA or the grade in the course to which you are applying.