Modified Major/Minor in Computer Science

Students can choose to modify the CS Major with another major, or also pursue a CS Minor. If modifying, CS can be the primary or the secondary component. The ORC page is the best place for all requirements, however, we provide a summary below for each possibility.

Modified Major with Computer Science as the Primary Part

Note: if you are modifying CS with ENGS, or modifying CS with digital arts (DA), then there are differences. And that is best checked at the ORC (towards the end).

Modified Major with CS as the Secondary Part

Minor in Computer Science

  • Fulfill the prerequisite courses (COSC 1, COSC 10)
  • Take five courses in (30-89), covering at least two of the three pillars (30-49)(50-69)(70-89). In other words, all five courses can't be in the same pillar.