4+1 A.B./M.S. Program in Computer Science

Dartmouth undergraduates can stay for as little as one additional year and obtain an M.S. degree in Computer Science. You may reduce the number of courses required for the M.S. degree by up to five courses, so that you can get an M.S. degree with as few as eight additional courses in the coursework track or as few as four additional courses in the thesis track. See this page for how to transfer credits---each Computer Science course you take as an undergraduate that can count for graduate credit may count towards the limit of five, subject to grade restrictions. The eligible courses are those that are cross-listed as graduate courses (those numbered XX/1XX), as well as the courses available for graduate credit that are listed here. GRE scores are not required to apply for this program.

To help us organize applications, please indicate in your essay that you are targeting the 4+1. We also recommend that at least one of your letter-writers be from this department. On the application's "Area of Interest" box, select "Not Applicable" rather than one of the Digital Arts options. (4+1 MSCS applicants considering transferring undergraduate credits should include the course transfer request  as part of the application.)